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Neurodiverse is an umbrella term used to describe people diagnosed with; dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, ADHD, and other conditions.


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We are a support group covering Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina -- founded due to a desperate need for change in the tri-state area (though, you're welcome to join if you live in a different area.) 
Our primary focus is to bring individuals with special needs, their loved ones, and our communities together to learn, share ideas, grow stronger, and create a better world for the neurodiverse. 
If you or someone else in your life is neurodiverse, please feel free to join us in discussion. There are many ways to be involved, and become part of our team. Group meetings are scheduled multiple times a month (see the events link above.) Even if you cannot attend in person contact us for the meetings zoom link or join our online community (see the members link above) for discussions between meetings.  Everyone is welcome, including children. We hope to see you at our next meeting!​ 
We truly believe there is strength in numbers, so we welcome people of all backgrounds. No matter how different our situations may be, by coming together we can find the answers to the most difficult questions. We are partnering with other support groups in our areas for greater impact. We are happy to announce our newest partnership with the Kingsport Autism Support Group.
We look forward to working and expanding with them.
Our team includes: adults and children with special needs, their family and friends, teachers, psychologists, attorneys, advocates, pediatricians, other professionals, support groups, and anyone else who desires to make the future brighter for all those who are neurodiverse. 


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