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Sarah Mclachlen Building A Mystery MP3 Download ((HOT))

One severe failure of the above interpretations is accentuated by the wonder of joy Sarah experiences when she finally discovers where the "mystery" is revealed--in the curtain or tapestry of lights-- he has drawn from lights in the outside world. You cannot find lights at night thus he comes out at night to find them. He takes them from multiple places and protects them to weave or sew them into his curtain of lights, his world that he builds to show and yet hide the beauty inside himself. He is to an extent with minimal hope yet he goes on finding lights and building his mystery. He does not take the little girls cake or her birthday away but one light, one little candle, because it provides so much light from that one tiny source. All of the light images in the curtain he weaves are small, yet each reveals great light. He is something of a master seamster and magician weaving and revealing his performance at one and the same time--as when he is staring directly at whomever would look, draws back yet one more thread in his curtain of lights--and the lights are very bright when focused on him. The voodoo dogs reference is almost too obvious and all of the above interpretations are dead wrong. The "voodoo dogs" are gargoyles that were affixed Gothic church structures and cathedrals. Their "intent": was to ward off, to frighten away evil spirits. He lives when demons are kept at bay, as he comes out (goes out) at night briefly on a "suicide mission" (suicide poem) to find the lights to continue his creation of a mystery--which Sarah is drawn to find, and again, is delighted to see, Sarah is drawn to him and does not understand why she is drawn to what is seemingly a dark figure only to learn that he is building his mystery of lights. This man is not narcisstic, he intends the lights to be found. Otherwise he would have locked fast the door and Sarah would never be able to sneak in and find his creation. He is sad and depressed man determined to create his art and bring beautiful lights into a dark world likely intending only the one person to ever see them.

Sarah Mclachlen Building A Mystery MP3 Download




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