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Zeher HINDI MOVIE With Torrent

Plot Outline: Inspector Siddharth Mehra (Emraan Hashmi) has just seized a consignment of narcotics and cash and the News Channels air his praises. But on the inside Siddharth suffers from his estrangement with his cop-wife Sonia (Shamita Shetty) on domestic hassles and ego issues; thus making him the typical frustrated guy like in Murder.Siddharth accidentally meets a damsel in distress Anna (Udita Goswami) and soon develops a relationship with her. Anna makes Siddharth believe that she is pregnant and is suffering from cancer and trauma from her wife-beating husband Sean (Sameer Kochhar). Playing Good Samaritan, Siddharth parts with the cash seized from the narcotics raid. Just then, Anna and Sean are reported dead in a fire, which the commissioner suspects is a terrorist activity and appoints Sonia as the special investigating officer on the job.The rest is predictable Bollywood masala. (spoiler not needed at all) Comment: Mukesh/Mahesh Bhatt house needs to come out of the low-budget-skin-adultery vicious cycle after Murder, Jism, Rog, etc. Emraan plays their in-house frustrated character who fails to evoke any sympathy (which he desperately needs for all his roles). The girls compete in a failing battle with Emraan in proving who the worst actor of all is. Roopkumar Rathod gives 'Woh Lamhe', the only hummable song from this movie.

Zeher HINDI MOVIE with torrent

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Vishesh films are known for copying films, not that others don't and at least they make better films then YRF even though copies. ZEHER was a copy of OUT OF TIME(2003). The entire movie is almost lifted from the original yet it does have some good scenes and some hit music. The film starts off well, the characters of Emraan, Shamita and Udita are well handled and slowly we get involved in the proceedings though the pace does tend to be too slow sometimes. Even there are hardly few moments between Shamita and Emraan hence their relationship feels good yet the film does manage to startle you throughout if you haven't watched the original. Though it does get predictable too often. The climax too is nothing new and has been done to deathDirection by Mohit Suri(his first movie) was good though the script could be tighter. After assisting the Bhatts in films like FOOTPATH finally Mohit Suri(relative of Bhatt) was launched with this film Music was a big rage, WOH LAMHE was the best song, AE BEKABAR by KK too is good, all songs are fab overallEmraan Hashmi does his role very well, serious roles suit him best and he does a great job, this was his 2nd hit after MURDER. Shamita Shetty does a good job, sadly her career didn't really go miles and she has now quit bollywood Udita Goswami is wooden and terribly dubbed by someone else Amongst rest Samir Kochar does a good job, Ninad Kamat is superb in the typical hero friend role Vishwajeet Pradhan is okay

I Must start by saying I enjoyed this movie, I Laughed my a** off. ;-) This movie is a frame to frame copy of "Out of Time" (well almost 90%, with songs and some Indianisation) I'm not against such remake or copies, but please give the source movie some respect for god's sake, this movie has no creativity what so ever (apart from the songs, which are GOOD)Emraan and Shamita have tried, but sadly failed. some of their expression are so funny, kinda childish. Notice Shamita's eyebrows, she surprised/stressed through the movie, that the standard expression she has sticked tooOn whole, if need to pass your time, with friends passing comments, this can be enjoyed. otherwise it is a just below average movie, that too just because of the plot. (taking in consideration u have'nt seen "Out of time")


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