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Ask A Rapist Reddit

The Reddit thread began in July 2012 when a commenter posted: "Reddit's had a few threads about sexual assault victims, but are there any redditors from the other side of the story? What were your motivations? Do you regret it?"

Ask A Rapist Reddit


The thread caused an outcry, with many claiming it allowed rapists to achieve a level of catharsis through crafting their own narrative of the events, often one in which they were not to blame and their actions are inevitable.

I think talking about rape is a good thing. I'm glad that the recent Daniel Tosh controversy got so much media coverage, not because I think that no one can ever tell a rape joke without being a horrible person, but because calling attention to an issue that is so often treated flippantly or viewed as an uncommon occurrence is a good thing. If one out of every four college women has been the victim of a rape or attempted rape, then it's an issue that we should all be talking about often and until we change things. The reasons that rape is so prevalent are obviously complex, but a culture of masculine entitlement doubtlessly influences the actions of some rapists.

A current thread on Reddit titled, Reddit's had a few threads about sexual assault victims, but are there any redditors from the other side of the story? What were your motivations? Do you regret it? has, as of publication, 11,426 comments. While many of these comments are in reference to other stories, and many are survivors of sexual assault speaking out, there are plenty of stories from the rapists themselves. Underlying a great number of the stories is a refusal by the men to take real responsibility for their actions. The men couch their actions in the context of being under the control of manipulative women. They talk about their drunkenness, their blackout drunkenness, and not perceiving a women's level of drunkenness. And they talk a lot about being under the influence of their hormones, of being so turned on that they couldn't see a boundary being drawn.

a little while back /r/Bronyhate decided to raid /r/MyLittleSupportGroup and viciously insult everyone there. They posted in every thread and told the extremely depressed people to go ahead and kill themselves because they are an embarrassment to society.TL;DR: One subreddit raided another to encourage depressed, suicidal people to kill themselves.(In the end, Reddit admins found out and deleted the entire bronyhate subreddit, but they later reformed under a new name)

Some Redditors wanted to know why a rapist likes to rape, so much so that they invited rapists to come out and talk about it. The "Ask a Rapist" thread asked self-avowed criminals to share their motivations and explain whether they regret raping victims. It has since been redacted.

Ever wonder what makes addicts keep using? A major factor is the craving that comes from recalling the feelings associated with the pleasurable activity or drug. Cocaine addicts, active or in recovery, who are asked to think about using cocaine have measurable brain changes precisely when they report cravings. We haven't actually measured this in rapists, but we suspect it's highly analogous.

When reddit doxxed some intern working at a company that borrowed a Jurassic park Jeep.The owner of the Jeep made some submission full of lies that the Jeep was damaged and nobody was going to pay for it, everyone took his word and then doxxed some poor intern girl who was sent rape and death threats over the phone and mail.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this: -sikh-woman-teaches-reddit-a-lesson.htmlSomeone took a photo of a woman who had a bit of facial hair. Reddit mocks and insults her. Turns out she found out and politely joined the "discussion", answering questions. She was amazing, Reddit was king asshole.

The thread, at the very least, helps explain why Reddit backlash exists. It may also mark a healthy evolution at the site, where substantive in-house criticism has traditionally been relegated to lively subreddits that few normal users see.

Rapists are a small handful of men who are serial rapists. They rape many, many women and they are experts what they do. They pick their prey carefully. They groom them. They set up safe places for their attacks, non-descript rooms, nothing to later identify the place. Friends calling the rapist by a fake name. Alcohol, when used to rape, is now considered by law enforcement to be a weapon, no different than a gun. If the survivor is taken somewhere else and raped, a car is also considered a weapon.

I think that when discussing rape culture it is important not to exaggerate the effect or to over complicate our view of rapists. Rape is a choice to act on your own selfish impulses while ignoring the wishes of the victim. While a deeper analysis can sometimes be productive, the simplest explanation should not be discarded without good reason.

A marry-your-rapist law, marry-the-rapist law, or rape-marriage law is a rule of rape law in a jurisdiction under which a man who commits rape, sexual assault, statutory rape, abduction or other similar act is exonerated if he marries his female victim, or in some jurisdictions at least offers to marry her. The "marry-your-rapist" law is a legal way for the accused to avoid prosecution or punishment.[1]

Although the terms for this phenomenon were only coined in the 2010s,[2][3][4][5][6] the practice has existed in a number of legal systems in history, and continues to exist in some societies today in various forms.[7] Such laws were common around the world until the 1970s. Since the late 20th century, the remaining laws of this type have been increasingly challenged and repealed in a number of countries.[4][8] Laws that allow courts to authorise an underage marriage on account of the pregnancy of a female minor when she is below the age of consent, commonly with parental consent, can in practice be a way for a statutory rapist to avoid prosecution for the statutory rape of a child.

Advocates for rape-marriage laws argue that they shield the victim and her family from the shame of rape. This is based on the idea that if a girl or woman is raped, it is her own fault and she thus brings her family into disrepute. As a result, many women do not report their sexual assault because they fear this shame, and the possibility of being murdered by a family member. If a woman simply marries her rapist, she preserves her family name and avoids a life of sexual shame.[10] This view exists despite much evidence existing that blaming the victim leads to shame, ridicule, and unnecessary psychological distress.[20]

Traditionally, the marriage of the perpetrator and the victim after the rape was often seen as an appropriate "resolution" of the situation. Among ancient cultures virginity was highly prized, and a woman who had been raped had little chance of marrying. These laws forced the rapist to provide for their victim.[21]

Article 357 of the French Penal Code of 1810 (not to be confused with the Napoleonic Code of 1804) contained a provision that if a man had 'abducted' a girl and married her, he could only be prosecuted if the girl's parents or legal guardians arranged to have the marriage annulled first. Although the law does not contain the word 'rape', it has been described as a marry-your-rapist law, and has been held responsible for spreading the phenomenon in the MENA region through French colonisation. Alternatively, similar legislation was spread in the region by the Ottoman Empire, based on Hanafi jurisprudence, which did explicitly mention 'rape' in abduction scenarios. Scholars continue to debate which laws derived from which.[41]

In several Middle Eastern and North African countries, marry-the-rapist laws that were adopted upon achieving independence in the mid-20th century, were carried over from various earlier periods. The origins of these laws are to be traced to a mixture of pre-existing local Arab traditions, Ottoman imperial laws and European (French and British) colonial laws.[42] Traditionally, a woman was considered to be the property of her father. If she was raped, she was considered damaged property "so the rapist must either pay 'compensation' or accept the damaged goods" and marry the victim.[43] To avoid paying the family, the perpetrator often chose to marry the victim, who "had absolutely no choice but to marry the rapist and spend the rest of the life" with him.[43] In this way, some might argue that the victim of the assault had a harsher punishment than her attacker. Currently, India's Penal Code "makes it amply clear that marriage does not act as an absolving factor in case of rape".[43]

Marry-your-rapist laws were common[vague] around the world until the 1970s. Since the late 20th century, the remaining laws of this type have been increasingly challenged and repealed in a number of countries.[4][8]

In 1997, fifteen Latin American countries had laws that exonerated a rapist if he offered to marry the victim and she accepted. These were Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru (since 1924), Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.[15][44] Costa Rica exonerated a rapist if he expresses an intention to marry the victim, even if she did not accept.[44] The law in Peru was modified in 1991 to absolve all co-defendants in a gang rape case if any one of them married the victim. By 2017, all but four of these countries have definitively repealed these laws. Colombia repealed its law in 1997, Peru and Chile in 1999, Brazil and Uruguay in 2005, Nicaragua and Guatemala in 2006, Costa Rica in 2007, Panama in 2008, Argentina in 2012, Ecuador in 2014. Italy had similar laws until 1981.

In 2017, a World Bank Group report claimed there were 12 countries left with marry-your-rapist laws: Angola, Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iraq, Jordan (repealed in August 2017), Lebanon (repealed July 2017),[45] Libya, Palestine, the Philippines, Syria and Tunisia (repealed in July 2017).[46] A Reuters report, in July of the same year, also listed Algeria, Kuwait and Tajikistan.[45][47]


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