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Modern*decor ((EXCLUSIVE))

Although there are many versions of coastal style, my favorite is modern coastal interior design, which is light, minimal, and fresh, incorporating a mix of relaxed beach house and classic Hamptons styles.



For a modern coastal look, start with a background of white walls, as well as soft natural colors of the sand and sky, and crisp, casual fabrics like cotton and linen. Then add in some natural materials, including lots of baskets, light woods, and lovely textures through rugs, throw pillows, and throw blankets.

This bright living room, designed by Livingston Interiors, is a great example of modern coastal style. A neutral color palette, contemporary furniture, light touches of blue, stylish side tables, and natural elements add a light and airy feeling to this space:

In the beautiful space below, from Lindye Galloway Interiors, the wooden beams, neutral color palette, striped pillows, shelf styling, and pop of classic blue on the cabinetry and in the rug, bring a fresh and comfortable feeling to this modern coastal family room:

The lovely dining room below, from Jill Egan Interiors, shows how versatile and elegant coastal decor can be. From the soft ivory slipcovered chairs, to the large coral decorative piece on the credenza, to the natural wood elements, this space evokes a feeling of casual elegance. The stunning light fixture reminds me of a cascading waterfall!

Whether you opt for lots of woven elements, glass & brass, light woods, or just an abundance of fresh white, there are many ways to bring a touch of modern coastal decor to the kitchen, as shown in the lovely spaces below.

This beautiful coastal kitchen features modern black and white pendant lights, stylish woven counter stools, and the perfect shade of blue-gray (Benjamin Moore James River Gray) on the island. From Julie Howard for Timber Trails Development Company:

A wonderful example of modern coastal decorating, the kitchen below features an abundance of white, striped counter stools, and a gray-blue kitchen island (painted with Sherwin Williams Smoky Candle). From AGK Design Studio and Home Bunch:

Love this modern two-toned kitchen design with white cabinets and a black island color. The woven counter stools and wooden beams add a contemporary coastal feel to this space. From Pure Salt Interior Design:

This master bedroom is a beautiful example of modern coastal style, including a soft natural color palette, natural elements, a cane bed, blue and white patterned rug, and white nightstands. From Courtney Egli:

A beautiful wood canopy bed, a chunky handwoven rug, different shades of neutrals, warm woods, and natural fabrics bring a modern yet approachable feeling to this lovely coastal bedroom from Pure Salt Interiors:

When we remodeled our guest bathroom last year, I wanted to add a touch of modern coastal style to this space without going overboard, so I simply painted the vanity (with Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue) and added a striped rug and towels, a few woven elements, and plenty of white:

With its casual atmosphere and separation from the rest of the house, the patio is the perfect place to experiment with modern coastal decor. Here are a few outdoor spaces with a fresh, contemporary coastal look.

A beautiful outdoor dining area and covered patio. The oversized woven pendant lights, gray-washed dining table, and unique dining chairs add a modern coastal feeling to this space. From Pure Salt Interiors.

In fact, in early 2023, Arhaus released an expansive new coastal furniture and decor collection, joining Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn, both of which launched new contemporary coastal home collections last year.

I never knew what to call my home decor style until this blog. Who knew all along it was Modern Coastal? These are beautiful ideas! I just got my cabinets painted white and want to update my kitchens decor to match the new color scheme. This helped a ton!

Hi Jane, I just found your website. I love this style! I had been calling it traditional with a little coastal. You are calling it modern coastal. I am about to style a bedroom and know that I want white, white, white with just hints of blue (teal or aqua) but I am overwhelmed in picking the white. There are a million choices. And then what color should the floor be? Would white carpet be too much white? And does the trim and ceilings get the same white color as the walls? Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Spirited urban modern interior design is contemporary and industrial at its core, but not as aggressively so as a completely ultra-modern or decidedly industrial design. Urban modern decor often has a softer side to it; from warmer tones to highly designed furnishings to relaxed soft furnishings, urban interior decorating places equal focus on comfort and brilliant design.

Source one-off and complimentary design styles to pull a room together with cosmopolitan influence, while keeping it warm and inviting at the same time with minimal features softened by plush fabrications and rugs. This is a trusted method to keep your home feeling more playful, unique, and intoxicating in ways that ultra-modern and industrial designs are limited to.

Paint a feature wall, recess or alcove a warm and inviting color to avoid what might otherwise feel like an overly industrial space. This design is thoroughly modern in spirit, and neutrals are an essential way to ground and tie everything together.

No urban modern bedroom or urban modern living room would be complete without comfortable home furnishings to soften and complete the look. Think rugs made out of natural materials in warm tones over white, gray, or wood flooring. Select natural colored throws and pillows to house on your sofa (in browns, creams, and grays) to tie in more industrial urban interior design concepts and elements.

Styles change with time, and members of the Church need modern Catholic home decor that pairs perfectly with their interior design. At House of Joppa, we provide you with Catholic art and gifts featuring subdued colors, quality materials, and a fresh new take on religious classics. Our Catholic decor

The combination of black and white makes just about any space look more modern. This stunning Texas renovation showcases how effective this combination can be. Here, a dramatic black floor-to-ceiling fireplace contrasts nicely with the white ceiling and accent pieces.

Light-colored furniture was the right choice for this stunning modern living room in Seattle. Floor-to-ceiling windows are the focal point of this space, so the combination of light wood and blush pink accents is totally on point.

Stone and marble have a place in a modern living room, as shown in this beautiful renovation by @nataliehagerinteriors. Here, an ultra-modern fireplace is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling marble in a black and white design.

Sometimes the best spaces are a mix of two slightly different but complementary styles. This modern-contemporary living space by designer Emily Henderson features elements of both styles. The couch and light fixtures have a more modern flair, while the accent chairs and curtains add a contemporary flourish.

Lots of modern rooms focus on a singular striking accent, and lighting is a great place to explore. Here, a sculptural statement chandelier lends a playful touch to an otherwise simplistic modern space. Consider a starburst fixture, like the one featured in this stunning Stockholm home, which is a hallmark shape of the modern aesthetic.

While mid-century modern may be losing steam, we still swoon over a full-blown mid-century space. Gather inspiration from this Sydney home and opt for natural wood, shades of green, and clean-lined furniture.

With roots in Scandinavian architecture, modern design blends seamlessly with minimalist, Scandi decor. Case in point: this Swedish home featured on We Are Scout. If this look is for you, be sure to add texture with natural materials and plenty of throw pillows to warm up all of those Scandinavian whites.

If a fully modern feel is too cold for you, keep the minimalist furniture and neutral color palette and create warmth with Southwestern-inspired touches, like the terracotta throw pillows and rattan accents do in this Parisian home.

Put down the hammer and nail, and layer artwork on your fireplace mantel or media console instead, like what was done in this Portland family room. This budget hack will infuse personality and color into a modern living room and make it super easy to rotate pieces in and out of your tableau down the road.

Add a neutral-colored rug to bring a warming feeling matched by the textured look and feel of stunning fabric couches and sectionals. Let color jump out where you choose, either through decorative artwork or signature pieces of furniture. Choose furniture and appliances with clean lines, little adornment and materials that accentuate a smart, efficient design.

Applying modern and contemporary décor ideas means getting the most out of a space while helping to guide how it will be enjoyed. Materials to feature are refined wood, glass, chrome, leather and plastic. For color scheme, let simplicity yield a vibe that is calming and sophisticated. Start with white, any neutral color or perhaps a soothing blue and build from there. Dark brown hues can dominate, from wooden floors to leather sofas, wooden sideboards and copper and brass elements of lighting fixtures. The eyes can drift over the sleek elegance of stainless steel, aluminum and chrome in decorative frames, kitchen appliances and along shelving and tables.

Modern and contemporary décor also likes to maximize the effect of natural lighting, while applying a tone-on-tone color coordination to achieve visual harmony while working with a pallet of soft colors. Choose to run a theme of earth tones from the carpet through your furniture and appliances or brighten things up with decorative items, artwork and pillows to elevate the mood.

When searching for how to apply modern décor ideas to your living room, start with your drapes and work your way inward. Visualize the difference in ambience between a sheer or semi-sheer curtain that has the look of fine linen, versus a denser fabric exuding elegance with no frills that transforms a room while complementing fabric or leather couches. Picture a low pile rug in a neutral light gray or charcoal holding a simple framework of solid wood atop a black metal frame for a coffee table. Or go with a modern design that features the airy play of a distinctive grain pattern of walnut veneer stretched out into an oval resembling a surfboard. The compact gracefulness of modern and contemporary carries over to the shelving tucked underneath that you can almost forget is there. The warmth of the piece can echo hardwood floors and adjoining leather couches and sectionals arranged to bring the family and dinner guests together in conversation. For striking, yet soothing lighting, call upon a modern floor lamp with a timeless design that combines a treated glass lampshade, a marble base and lacquered solid oak. As with any stunning piece in contemporary décor, you can use the colors and textures of any individual element to inspire the look of a contemporary bookshelf, modern end table or any other addition. 041b061a72


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