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How To Turn Off Alienware Keyboard Lights

To disable the backlight on your laptop keyboard, press the same keys that enabled them to turn on. A simple F5 F9, or F11 key press, or a dual-action Fn + F5, F9, or F11 key press, could be used.

how to turn off alienware keyboard lights


One of the most frequently requested features on gaming laptops is the ability to support a backlight keyboard. Because of the limited light exposure, backlit keyboards are useful in low-light situations, but not all gaming laptops have them. If your laptop does not have the backlight keyboard support, you can turn it on in a variety of ways. To begin, the F9 or F11 keys should be used on your laptop. The backlight keyboard light will be activated in this manner. You can also use MSI Center software or Steel EngineSeries on your laptop to accomplish the same. You can also use this to change the backlight brightness and turn on the backlight keyboard light.

To turn off keyboard lights permanently, you will need to go into the keyboard settings and disable the backlight feature. Once this has been turned off, the keyboard will no longer light up.

Some users have reported that despite the fact that their computers have been turned off, the keyboard lights stay on even after they have exited the operating system. To resolve the issue, you must first check the BIOS setup settings and then disable the option to keep USB powered after shutdown.

There are a few different ways to turn on the keyboard lights on an alienware computer. The first way is to use the FN key and the F4 key at the same time. The second way is to go into the alienware command center and find the keyboard backlight section. The third way is to download and install the alienfx software.

I just purchased a new Alienware m15, and the keyboard backlight never turns itself off. At night, after the screensaver has kicked in, and then the screen has turned itself off, I would also like the keyboard light to turn itself off.

All I want is to be able to get this keyboard backlight to turn itself off automatically after a certain amount of time of inactivity, and then turn itself back on when I start typing again. There must be a way to set that, no?

I just found a key that will toggle the lights... Hold down the 'fn' key and press F12 and the lights will turn off. Do it again and they come back on. It's not automatic, but it lets me turn the lights on and off at will, which is the next best thing.

Are you having trouble seeing your keyboard in dim lighting? Several Dell laptops are equipped with a backlit keyboard, an attractive addition that makes your keyboard easier to see in dark or poorly lit spaces. This wikiHow article will help you discover whether or not your Dell computer has a keyboard light, and then teach you how to turn it on.

To bring a bit of clarity to the situation, we've gathered together six possible ways to turn your keyboard backlighting on or off. Read on to find the best method for your laptop or desktop keyboard.

If you have a MacBook, certain models allow you to turn on the backlighting by pressing the Increase brightness key, which looks like half of the sun with three rays. Press it until you get the desired level of keyboard light brightness. To turn it off, press the Decrease brightness key, which looks like a half-circle outlined in dots (instead of the rays) until the light turns off.

For many Windows laptops, you might need to press a Function key (F1 to F12) to turn on your keyboard's backlighting. If this is the case, which Function key it is will likely depend on the brand and model of your laptop.

For example, Dell notebook PCs have at least three possible key options: F6, F10, or the right-arrow key. In some cases, F5 is also possible. From these options, you should be able to tell which one controls the backlighting by seeing which one has the Illumination icon (which looks like a half-sun with rays) stamped on it. If you don't see this icon at all, your Dell PC doesn't have keyboard backlighting. But if you do see the icon, press the Function key that has it. (You may need to press it in conjunction with the Fn key.) Pressing that key combination -- Fn + the function key -- should allow you to cycle through various brightness level options for your Dell PC's keyboard, so keep pressing it until you reach your desired brightness level or until you turn it off.

Certain MacBook models may have you adjust your keyboard lighting via the Touch Bar instead. To do so, tap the Arrow icon on the Touch Bar to expand its Control Strip. To turn on backlighting, tap the Increase brightness button. To turn it off, tap and hold the Decrease brightness button, which looks like a half-circle outlined in dots, not rays.

Yes, keyboard backlighting can contribute to the drain, as it does need power to function. If you're concerned about conserving battery power, you can turn off the backlighting or adjust your keyboard lighting settings so that the light automatically turns off when the computer goes to sleep or the display is off.

Fx lights are a bunch of background LED lights that have been built into the keyboard on the Alienware system. It is an attractive option that creates ambient effects that enhance gaming and make streaming beautiful. 350c69d7ab


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