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Pitts Special S1/S2: The History and Evolution of a Classic Aerobatic Biplane

Pitts Special S1/S2: The Ultimate Aerobatic Aircraft


- What is the Pitts Special S1/S2 and why is it so popular among aerobatic pilots? - A brief history of the Pitts Special and its creator, Curtis Pitts - The main features and specifications of the four versions of the Pitts Special (S-1, S-1S, S-2A, S-2B) The Pitts Special S1/S2: A Legend in the Sky

- How the Pitts Special revolutionized aerobatic flying and influenced many other designs - The achievements and records of the Pitts Special and its pilots in competitions and air shows - The challenges and rewards of flying the Pitts Special The Pitts Special S-1: The Original Single-Seater

- The development and characteristics of the first Pitts Special model - The advantages and disadvantages of the S-1 compared to other aerobatic aircraft - The modifications and variations of the S-1 by different builders and owners The Pitts Special S-1S: The Improved Single-Seater

- The improvements and changes made to the S-1 to create the S-1S - The performance and handling of the S-1S - The popularity and availability of the S-1S The Pitts Special S-2A: The First Two-Seater

- The reasons and goals behind creating a two-seat version of the Pitts Special - The design and features of the S-2A - The uses and benefits of the S-2A for training, touring, and aerobatics The Pitts Special S-2B: The Ultimate Two-Seater

- The enhancements and upgrades made to the S-2A to create the S-2B - The performance and handling of the S-2B - The popularity and availability of the S-2B How to Experience the Pitts Special S1/S2

- How to find and buy a Pitts Special or a kit to build one - How to learn to fly a Pitts Special or improve your skills - How to join a club or community of Pitts Special enthusiasts Conclusion

- A summary of the main points and a call to action for the readers - A table comparing the four versions of the Pitts Special - Five unique FAQs after the conclusion

Pitts Special S1/S2: The Ultimate Aerobatic Aircraft

If you are a fan of aerobatic flying, you have probably heard of or seen the Pitts Special S1/S2, one of the most iconic and successful aerobatic aircraft ever built. This small, agile, and powerful biplane has been thrilling pilots and spectators for over 70 years, setting records, winning championships, and inspiring generations of aviators. But what makes the Pitts Special so special? How did it come to be? And how can you experience it for yourself? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, as we explore the history, features, performance, and legacy of this amazing aircraft.


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The Pitts Special is a series of light aerobatic biplanes designed by Curtis Pitts, an American aircraft designer and builder. It is widely regarded as one of the best aerobatic aircraft ever made, capable of performing complex maneuvers with precision and grace. It is also one of the most recognizable aircraft in the world, with its distinctive round fuselage, short wingspan, symmetrical airfoil, and colorful paint schemes.

The first Pitts Special was built in 1944 by Curtis Pitts himself, who wanted to create an aircraft that could outperform any other in aerobatic competitions. He spent years refining his design, testing different engines, wings, propellers, and tail configurations. He also sold plans and kits to other builders who wanted to make their own versions of his aircraft. Over time, four main models of the Pitts Special emerged: the S-1, the S-1S, the S-2A, and the S-2B. Each model had its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, but they all shared the dcd2dc6462


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