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Photo Mature Enemas

Oil-retention enema. This enema type is for people whose stool has hardened. The oil-retention enema softens the stool. The enemas used in this process usually contain 90-120 ml solution. The doctor may ask you to retain the solution for at least an hour to get effective results.

photo mature enemas

Rectal instillation of medication. Enemas can also be used to insert medications into your colon. Enema relieves the intestinal mucosa, and the medicines balance the electrolytes and fight infections. This procedure is done after cleansing enemas.

Go on Amazon (Yes, Amazon does supply enemas) and get a reusable enema bulb. These can be washed easily with warm soap and water or in the dishwasher after use (read the directions on cleaning as materials may vary). 041b061a72


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