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Toy Story 2 Pc Game __HOT__ Crack Site

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Toy Story 2 Pc Game Crack Site

The story only tenuously follows that of the film, as watching a toy spaceman constantly miss a ledge by inches clearly wouldn't make for much of a movie. The action features appearances from much of the cast, including Rex the cowardly dinosaur, Hamm the piggy bank, Slinky Dog and Mr & Mrs Potato Head. New characters from the latest film also crop up, along with numerous video clips, which could prove something of a spoiler if you've not seen it.We've been waiting for a platform game to come along and reinvigorate the genre for ages and, not surprisingly, Toy Story 2 didn't exactly set our world alight.

Toy Story 2 (TS2) is an action adventure game as Mario 64. The storyline of the game loosely follows the movie of the same name. You control Buzz Lightyear in a 3D environment that consists of five zones and 15 levels that range from Andy's house to the tarmac of an airport.

If you love the movie Toy Story 2 and haven't played too many of the 3D platform games out there on the N64 then add this title to your library. But for me, this game wasn't all it was cracked up to be.


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