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Black Desert Mobile: The Best Graphics on Mobile with Immersive World - Download Here

Finally download it by an emulator. Then I accessed the files, where the files of the games are usually saved is in android / obb and this is a folder called com.pearlabyss.blackdesertm.glThat "" supposedly "" should be there 3.70 GB downloaded but is literally empty.I search on android / data and there is a peeeeero folder has a log nothing more. It's super weird, I have no idea where the files are being saved to copy them to my phone: CIf anyone has any idea where they may be by chance, they would do me a favor

Black Desert Mobile has finally come to the West and is available for download now from the app store. So far it is a watered down Black Desert fit for mobile with auto play, and that's okay. I've had a blast with it lately. It has a lot to do, and I actually enjoy the enchanting system over the normal version. They have made some quality changes to the game, and some that are pretty blatant cash grabs.

download black desert mobile

Just like Black Desert we have black stones and enchancing in the mobile version. As you can see I have 4 different stone options there. The green numbers is the chance of enchanting with that stone. As you can see the numbers are very low, the good thing about this is that they stack. For example I have 4x 3.12% stones. I could use all of those for 12% chance to enchance. You can mix and match all the way up to 100%. If you fail it just eats your stones so far. You can save some of the stones with scrolls or by using silver.


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