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Train Simulator 2014 Free Download

Train Simulator 2014 PC Game is developed and published by Dovetail Games. This is the game from Rail Simulator game series and has a very interesting plot. In this game player has to complete the missions by travelling on the train. Different types of trains will be available to the player. from which he has to choose the one of his own choice. The controls in the game are quite simple, by using those controls player can drive the train. Player has got different skills and features in this game. It depends on the player to choose his skill level that whether he wants to play in simple level or expert level. Player can also select the route, timings of departure and arrival of train. One of the interesting feature of Train Simulator 2014 is its dynamic weather conditions, the player can set weather of his own choice. You can also try similar game called Microsoft Train Simulator.

Train Simulator 2014 Free Download

Graphics used in the Train Simulator 2014 game are also very amazing. Game is also fully animated where different characters including driver and passengers have different sound effects and facial expressions. Speed of the train has also increased in this game version where player can take the train in as minimum time as possible. Player can also win different prizes and medals if he wins the game. Another important feature that has been included in this version of game is that player can set different angles of the camera. As the player drive the train, his points increases and hence the chances of his win increases. Overall the game has very interesting features and exciting tasks to fulfill. If you like this game then you may like similar game called RailWorks 3 Train Simulator. Download it free from our website.

Train Simulator 2014 (TS 2014) is a train simulation game created and published by RailSimulator. The game is a part of RailWorks franchise and was released July 8, 2013 for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and Linux.

Train Simulator 2014 delivers everything you love about trains with the exhilaration of speed, stunning graphics, a variety of trains, real-world routes and challenging assignments. Whether you love driving trains, creating new routes or just watching the landscape fly by, your journey starts with TS2014.

While certainly not a substantial renovation to the series that some might possess expected, Train Simulator 2014 improves what is already among the best video games offered in the likeness style. The activity includes steam, diesel-powered, and also electricity footing learns; computer keyboard, mouse or gamepad management of throttles, brakes, and shifts with Simple and Specialist steering versions for varying gamer skills. A variety of instances are available for Criterion and also Career modes, and also a preliminary style Free Roam method. Quick Drive setting permits a player to choose a train, select a path, set variation and location terminals, and also opt for the time of day, the season, and also the climate. Steam Shop allows gamers to publish and install additional user-created routes as well as situations.

TS2014 will be sold as a boxed product in shops and digitally from Steam. If you already own an earlier version of Train Simulator, your software will be updated free of charge via an automatic download after launch that adds the new user interface and game features.

Train Simulator is made by Kent-based developer Ltd, and its boss, Paul Jackson, had this to say: "I am very excited about the advances we have made with TS2014. We've developed a more personal and challenging career mode, richer creativity tools, and of course an ever more realistic driving environment.

This installment is fully animated where different kinds of peoples are available including drivers and passengers there is a speed breaker of the train use it now. You can also download surgeon simulator 2014 game which is also incredible creation at all new feature is added set the camera with mouse.

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