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Grafica get stronger when their MEDEL (level) goes up. Playing songs while using grafica gives it EXP, in turn when reaching a certain amount will increase the grafica's MEDEL. Increasing their MEDEL increases the grafica's "Drawing Power" (描画力), which in turn is used to unlock grafica that require a high drawing power to restore it.


Graficas have maximum limits in their MEDEL, depending on the highest difficulty completed to restore the grafica. Completing all difficulty levels in a grafica mission will award the grafica mission icon a gold border.

Certain graficas can go beyond the MEDEL cap of 10 by having the grafica reach MEDEL 10 and finishing it's Special Mission. The Special Mission difficulty will only be accessible if the grafica has reached MEDEL 10, in turn will replace its original Hard difficulty grafica mission with it's special class mission. The grafica's new MEDEL limit depends on the grafica itself.

Graficas have a specific element attached to them. There are five elements available and each element counters another. Using a grafica that counters the element of the grafica being restored receives an additional 30% bonus of their base drawing power. There is no penalty when using a grafica whose element is "weak" than the opposing grafica.

In the previous version, grafica were categorized by "worlds." Each world specialized with specific advantages in the first MUSECA. It is no longer being used in MUSECA 1+1/2 but the official website still sorts and indicates the graficas with the world they were in.

Certain graficas, when restored, will start a "cutscene" featuring the character of the grafica. In order to progress in the story, the grafica's MEDEL rating must be achieved as indicated after going through the story. Story cutscenes will trigger after playing a song and when the condition is fulfilled.

Upon reaching MEDEL 8, a grafica can unlock a skill that only triggers when the grafica used appears specific sections of a song. These skills will not trigger outside the section where the grafica appears. Skills only work during Mission Mode. Not all graficas have skills.

grafica gives more importance to the main layer (the first one) than the other ones. I guess we can find good and bad cases where this is good. One good thing is that it's faster, because it doesn't haveto loop over the layers to calculate the limits.

Hi masseyj1. Sure you can :) You can fine tune almost all the plot parameters in grafica. Take a look at the examples that come with the library. In particular the multiplePanels example shows how you can change the plot margins and the plot dimensions. You can change the margins, the outer dimension and the inner dimension (the area were the points are actually plot) using the following commands:

grafica está especializada en diseño y comunicación gráfica y está abierta a cualquier perspectivas que pueda adoptar, pero no tendrán cabida las que sean presentadas desde una metodología no científica. 041b061a72


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